We repair all makes of mobile phones and also Tablets, iPads and iPods



Phoneland is a small family business which was established in 1994. We have been in the communications industry since 1986, selling analogue phones and even before that CB radio


We Are Located in Oxfordshire were we have a store in Bicester. We became an established Nokia Carepoint in  September 2000 and due to Nokia now being Microsoft we continue to repair all Handsets under the branding.


We repair Microsoft phones Free of Charge under the Manufacturers warranty. We also repair all Manufactures Out of warranty.


Our Aim


  • To provide all people with a Microsoft phone a Free Repair Service if your phone develops a fault within its warranty period.

  • Our Policy is we care not just repair and aim to offer the highest level of service

  • Our experienced engineers have over 15 years experience in repairing phones and will aim to repair and return your phone to you within 48 hours

  • We fully test every phone that comes in to us with Microsofts’s state of the art technology, so that we’re sure your phone leaves us in perfect working order.

  • We can also quote on any Out of warranty repair to your phone such as cracked LCD screens or cosmetics such as front covers.






The Repair Process


Microsoft have a very high level of expectations from their care points, which we adhere to and expect to improve and better the standards they expect. Every little stone is not unturned I order to improve the service and expectations that the customer receives.


Phones are subject to electrical discharge which can damage the phone, because of this ESD protection is taken throughout the repair process. This involves special matting, gloves, clothes and special equipment to repair phones. The phones are thoroughly tested throughout the repair and after the repair to improve the phones performance and repair any faults unnoticed by the customer. Even the tightness of the screws can affect performance hence torque screwdrivers to achieve the desired results. This equipment is calibrated on a regular basis to ensure it is all up to standard. Many people do not realise the standards that are required to achieve a high level of repair.